Volvo’s recent string of SUVs, estates and saloons has been striking something of a chord not just with buyers, but with us Autocar road testers too. Here is a manufacturer that has - for the most part - consistently produced vehicles that look great and are impressively well rounded, dynamically and practically.

By and large, the Volvo V60 continues this trend to the letter, while also touching on one of the original cornerstones of Volvo’s appeal by having a considerably larger boot than any immediate rival from the likes of Audi, BMW and Mercedes.

A fine-looking, capable and practical estate with only a few demerits

That it looks as good as it does, offers surprising levels of dynamic ability and has a genuinely desirable and spacious interior only adds to its broad appeal.

There are some caveats, mind. The ride can jostle over sub-par surfaces and the engine errs on the coarser side while also being a shade deficient in outright performance.

All things considered, the V60 falls short of rewriting the mid-sized estate playbook or gaining class-leader status. But it certainly comes damn close, and that’s no mean feat.

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