You’re no more likely to fall in love with a Tiguan than a toaster. It’s a car without sparkle or discernible character. It is a device for doing a specific job and it does it to a standard at least commensurate with those in the class around it.

It’s one of those cars you can drive for an hour, park at your destination and five minutes later have already forgotten how you got there. It leaves scarcely any impression on you at all.

The VW Tiguan is a good car, but it's not great and is bettered by its rivals

But that is not to say the Tiguan is without merit or even that a substandard product. Compared to other similar cars we’d rank it as reasonably good, though this says far more about what a poor deal customers get from these compact SUVS compared to normal cars that it does about the intrinsic abilities of the Tiguan.

Even so the car can be commended for the sense of strength and quality that pervades its structure. People who drive cars like this want to feel safe and you’d need to climb aboard wearing a chain mail suit to feel much more secure in a Tiguan. It is an important point in its favour.

Still, we lament its lack of zest and ambition. The Tiguan was first launched in 2007 and despite a modest facelift since then feels very much like a last generation Volkswagen, happy to provide competent transport for an undemanding audience but not much more.

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Customers should be able to expect more both of the class as a whole and VW in particular.

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