From £10,165
Economical and refined, but diesel is on the gruff side
22 January 2010

What is it?

It’s a Polo, fitted with the more powerful of the two 1.6-litre diesel engine options available.

We’ve already sampled the 74bhp oilburner; here we drive its slightly more muscular 89bhp stablemate.

Both 1.6 diesels share combined economy and emissions figures of 65.7mpg and 112g/km of CO2 resepctively.

What’s it like?

As we’ve previously concluded, the otherwise refined new Polo and a diesel engine aren’t the most comfortable of bedfellows.

It’s quite a vocal powerplant and even in 89bhp form isn’t exactly flexible, especially around town; the motor only feels strong when using the bottom quarter of throttle pedal travel so it feels like you’re working it hard to make progress.

That said, it’s a more than capable motorway cruiser and can return impressive economy, with mpg figures in the mid to high-50s within easy reach.

Should I buy one?

Maybe. Diesel gruffness aside, this is an economical and refined supermini with the legs to cover distances in downsized comfort.

However, if most of your driving is done in town then you’ll have a more rewarding – if less frugal – time in a petrol powered Polo.


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28 January 2010

Nearly 18K for a Polo as tested, and 16k for a basic one. And its slow, and not too good to drive. Thats an awful lot of money to pay to save a little at the pumps.

I find it quite hard to think why this car even exists.

28 January 2010

Very poor value. Buy an old XJR for £6k and spend the rest on fuel, service and insurance. If you really must have a VW hatch and it must be new buy a Fabia.

28 January 2010

Wow nearly fell off me chair when I saw the price ! Is that right nearly 18k for this. Surely the 1.2 tubo petrol SEL Polo is a much better but if you really want to spend loads on a Polo.

Cor still chuffing about the price ! Cant see these rushing out of the showrooms literally or figuratively for that matter.

Could have a Yeti for less. Same build quality more space good residuals and dare I say it character. Mad.

28 January 2010

You can have a specced up Ibiza FR TDi for less than this nearly 18K Polo even it's base price an Ibiza 1.6 105 Sport with similar spec is only £13300!!!.

VW pricing still seems mad to me across the board. 25K Golf GTi's that's a 5K jump since 2005, Golf GT 20K, firmly in Audi A3 and BMW 1 Series ballparks...........

28 January 2010

What about saving up an £890 and buying a new Skoda Superb? Actually, the Superb will be cheaper due to discounting.

28 January 2010

That is exactly why Autocar needs to hammer this car in its reviews, 1 - 2 stars. Its competitors are 1 - 2 classes of car above against which it is rubbish. And why do autocar keep going on about the interior. From where I am sat it looks terrible against that of an Audi A3, which is about £18k for a more economical diesel.

28 January 2010

Mad price for a car built in South Africa. Das Auto indeed - Das rip-off. Check out the price in Rand! Most Polos do a sedate 6000m per year or less, why buy a Diesel? Yeti 1.2DSG or perhaps a Venga to replace our ageing Jazz. You can buy a 1.4 TSI DSG Octavia for 14K with discount - that is value.

28 January 2010

I've been to look at the new Polo after all the rave reviews from Autocar, What Car? and the like, but I left feeling underwhelmed. True, the top of the dashboard has a nice soft-feel to it, but all the other plastics on the doors, lower dash, etc are hard and nothing special. The seats are very flat and the upholstery unattractive, its nowhere near as close to the Golf interior as they make out.

28 January 2010

I too gulped at the proice, but then it is still cheaper than an A1.

Surely a BMW Mini diesel would seem an attractive buy at that prices (allowing £2k for options). At least on apar.

28 January 2010

It's still cheaper than the equivalent Fiesta which is £16,300 before options. The Polo is £15,775 before options.


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