VW follows through on the notion that the Polo GTI has all the on-board technology and equipment of a bigger, more expensive performance product by offering the car in both standard GTI and generously loaded GTI+ trim levels.

While the latter makes the car look fairly pricey at just over £23,000, it supplies keyless entry, LED headlights, fully digital instruments and adaptive cruise control.

Richard Lane

Road tester
Polo GTI marginally outperforms the new Fiesta ST in five-door guise, while the Mini’s value collapses comparatively

For that price, it’s a bit disappointing to find that VW asks extra for the top-of-the-line 8.0in Discover Navigation system and for things like dual-zone climate control (£415), but this probably wouldn’t sour the buying experience overall.

With respect to residual values, CAP expects the Polo to outperform all of its rivals, some by more than 10% over three years and 36,000 miles.

VW has yet to offer any finance incentives on the GTI, but even without them could put you in a car via a monthly PCP deal for less than £300 a month. That’s a 6.6% APR deal with no deposit contribution, so it’d be worth haggling down – but it’s no bad starting place.

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