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Price, fuel economy and range, finance and depreciation

Our test 2.0 T-FSI Volkswagen Eos proved quite frugal, returning an impressive 35.2mpg on our touring route and 26.7mpg overall, and the current version should do yet better given that its CO2 score is 165g/km against the earlier car's 202.

That 165g/km is just 7g worse than the 1.4 TSI scored on the official tests. If low CO2 output is important to you, then you need the 2.0 TDI in manual form with 125g/km – a figure which rises to 139 if you opt for the DSG transmission.

A same-engined Golf Cabriolet is near-enough Eos money

That optional twin clutch ‘box involves an initial outlay of well over a grand, so you'll have to think hard about its merits for your needs relative to the slick six-speed manual box.

The Eos started out as an expensive car but the pricing has risen little over the years. Rivals have caught up and, strangely, a same-engined Golf cabriolet is near-enough Eos money. You get an impressive equipment list for your cash, too.