The Tesla Model S brings credibility, luxury and useful range to the electric car market.

Of the electric cars that we’ve road tested during the re-emergence of the EV, only three have managed to complete our full set of track tests, photo shoots and road assessments without the assistance of a trailer. All three have been made by Tesla.

The Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid is the only real alternative, but its EV range disappoints

Finally, it seems, here’s a company that understands the workings of the automotive consumer. Small cars are already cheap and use very little fuel. So making an electric one of those work for everybody is going to be a very hard task, as their sales, or lack of, demonstrate.

With a luxury car, though, Tesla has found it easier to gain price and performance parity with its rivals. It has been able to offer a vast range by fitting vast batteries and has found a customer base more open to the new technology and with more resources at their work and home to counter the drawbacks.

Overall, it’s clear that the Tesla Model S certainly delivers a highly credible steer, a large, hushed premium cabin and massive load space with a nicely futuristic touch. It is, without doubt, the best of its breed (of which there are few) and for a select niche, it will make financial as well as environmental sense.

Practical, refined and, above all, desirable, the Model S is a triumph.


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