Our touring economy test isn’t designed to bring the best out of an EV, yet it produced a result from the Tesla Model S of 383Wh/mile, giving a 222-mile range on a full charge when specified with 85kWh battery, which has been superceded by the 90kWh version.

Including our performance tests, the car averaged 411Wh/mile overall but, out on the road, we frequently saw trip economy of less than 300Wh/mile. On a typical motorway run, expect a range of 220 to 250 miles. If you’re prepared to cruise at a 50-60mph A-road pace, 300 miles would be routinely achievable.

Stretch to the 90kWh battery as it makes a real difference

That’s about three times the real-world operational range of a 24kWh Nissan Leaf, but it won’t be enough for everyone, despite the fact that Tesla's range of Superchargers can have your car back at full charge in under an hour and has removed a vast amount of the range anxiety that exists around EVs.

But for most UK drivers, it’s probably enough to work with, balanced against one key reward: you’ll never need to buy petrol or diesel again. A full charge, at average off-peak rates, costs less than a fiver.

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