We called the last Model S we tested a triumph. The P90D, with yet more power, slightly enhanced battery capacity, all-wheel drive and – yes – ludicrous potential, is hardly any less of a revelation.

In several ways – infotainment, straight-line speed and Autopilot – it’s so far ahead of rivals that it hardly seems plausible that Tesla started life just 13 years ago.

Matt Saunders Autocar

Matt Saunders

Road test editor
Great EV, intriguing driver’s car; not quite the perfect luxury GT

The model’s limitations do remain noteworthy. This is still an electric car, so forward planning will occasionally be required.

But even this has been alleviated – less by the car, more by the growing network of superchargers, the closest things to electricity pumps we’ve yet encountered.

Perhaps the most convincing argument against buy a P90D is that Tesla still hasn’t applied a final level of polish to the car that would mean it conclusively looks, feels and drives better than anything else offered at its high asking price.

However, the fact that the reasons for not buying one are now dramatically outweighed by the incentives shows just how far the Model S has come.

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Even so in the luxury department the Tesla out does the BMW 740d xDrive and the Jaguar XJ, but still falls short of the Range Rover and the Mercedes-Benz S 500 e L.

Tesla can make up some lost ground by rethinking the centre console, improving the steering feel and a faster-charging and longer-lasting battery.

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