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First deliveries of the delayed hypercar are planned for 2025, following a production debut this year

The production version of the Tesla Roadster will be unveiled later this year, company CEO Elon Musk has said, claiming the electric model will arrive with bombastic performance statistics – including a sub-1.0sec 0-60mph time.

Posting to X (formerly Twitter), Musk said the brief for the car had been “radically increased” and promised “there will never be another car like this”.

The specification set out at the car’s 2017 unveiling entailed a 0-60mph time of 1.9sec, hitting 100mph 2.3sec later and reaching a top speed north of 250mph. Range was claimed to be 620 miles.

Musk has now said the production version of the Roadster will crack 60mph in less than 1.0sec. He previously said an optional rocket-thruster package, developed with SpaceX, would propel it to 60mph in 1.1sec.

This is significantly quicker than the 1.95sec 0-62mph time claimed for the Rimac Nevera, which is currently the world’s fastest-accelerating production car.

Musk added that the company is “aiming” to begin deliveries in 2025, having previously touted launch dates of 2020, 2022, 2023 and 2024, following its unveiling in 2017.

Tesla Roadster – rear quarter static

The previous delays were attributed to supply chain disruption, as well as the extended development of a tri-motor powertrain and advanced battery technologies.

Given the lofty specification of the Roadster, it seems unlikely that it will be delivered at the originally quoted price of around $250,000 (then £190,000) for ‘Founders Edition’ models. Reservations for these cars were charged at the full $250,000.

For reference, a Nevera costs more than £2 million, as does the closely related Pininfarina Battista.

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Einarbb 29 February 2024

Get it - it only has sub 1 sec. acceleration, with add-on rocket thrusters.Now, I can't imagine - rocket-thrusters - shall ever be legalized on the road.Perhaps this is only allowed on cuircuits. 

gileshudson 29 February 2024

That has to be just about the most inaccurate description for the car ever, calling it a roadster.You couldn't get away further from a traditional roadster concept than that.It's a very pretty little two door sports coupe, which looks to also possibly be available with a lift out targa roof panel. She's never a roadster though...

Iorich 29 February 2024
Musk the snake oil salesman. Here's some top guff from rolling stone (and getting away with it in courts).

He is trump for nerds.

Hyperloop. Taking Tesla private and getting sued for fraud, get your ass to mars, calling a diver a pedo, Tesla's are full self driving, honest, buying anything other than a Tesla is financially insane (making 30k as a robot taxi), the absolute Ukrainian invasion equivalent of buying twitter. Actually the Ukrainian war itself. Pro russian, anti democratic hard (far?) right magas aligned trumpist supplying starlink to the Russians "somehow".
Twitter, banned account management debacle, superficial voting of policy that actually turned out to just be point scoring, free speech, as long as he agrees with it such as trans phobia and far right conspiracies. Pardoning a qanon pedo. Posting conspiracy theories, particularly pro russian and COVID. Threatening to fight mark Zuckerberg only to realise zuck is ripped and will kick his fat ass.

So. So many more. I would honestly rather watch the world burn that five this man any money.

Marc 29 February 2024
Davey 29 February 2024
Of course, Lorich, you could give a list of all the things Musk HAS done? And pretty revolutionary things at that? Being the driving force behind making Tesla one of the highest valued car companies in the world, starting from nothing only a couple of decades ago? SpaceX? Going from nothing to the biggest by far rocket launch company in the world? (Leaving even Boeing in the dust. ) Being able to routinely land first stage rockets with pinpoint accuracy and reuse them!!? And plenty more besides.......

Bit more than the average "snake oil salesman" achieves, no?

No, Musk is far from perfect and I wouldn't want to be one of his employees! I recommend reading his recent biography, which paints him in a very far from perfect light - but equally does not ignore his considerable achievements. Most telling maybe how even his ex-partners still speak highly of him - even if they have decided they wish to split up!

But most importantly, he may often be late delivering - but typically when it arrives, it's revolutionary. No, he doesn't get everything right, but he sure has a huge list of big achievements to his name.

Marc 29 February 2024
Exactly. Whatever ones opinion is of him is, without people such as him, we don't progress.