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A limited and more subtle edition of the STi , which may suit those who want the Impreza's power and agility without drawing so much attention to themselves.

What's new? The letter D, which stands for ‘discreet specification’. Subaru understands that driving a bright blue car with gold wheels and big wings may not be everyone’s cup of tea, so it has produced an aesthetically toned-down version of the STi. The Spec D will only be available in this Crystal Grey metallic paint and just 300 cars will be made. All will be de-badged, have a full leather interior, upgraded stereo and speakers, touchscreen sat-nav, silver alloys, extra sound-proofing and more restrained aerodynamic addenda.What's it like? It’s still the STi we know and love: precise steering, great chassis and storming performance once the engine hits 3000rpm. But the subdued looks help camouflage this ability. And your rear view is no longer obstructed by a bench-like spoiler. Just don’t assume that the extra leather and sound-proofing increases refinement — it doesn’t.Should I buy one? If you’re a more mature petrolhead, who revels in the performance of an STi but not the attention it garners, yes.Jon Quirk

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