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The next-generation Subaru Impreza will enter production late next year, and has been previewed by a concept car at the LA show
Darren Moss
2 mins read
18 November 2015

The next-generation Subaru Impreza has been previewed by a thinly disguised concept car at the Los Angeles motor show.

The four-door Impreza saloon concept car was revealed just weeks after a similar concept showcasing the five-door Impreza hatchback was revealed at the Tokyo motor show.

Set to enter production in late 2016 at Subaru's Indiana factory, the new Impreza is described as being the first of a new generation of Subaru models. It is key to the company's Prominence 2020 plan, announced last year, which aims to enhance Subaru's product offering, while also growing the brand.

Central to that plan is the adoption of a new standardised platform, intended to underpin every Subaru model from the Impreza to the Outback. The new platform is expected to bring significant weight savings to the Impreza, while also being stronger.

Subaru is clearly benchmarking the car against key rivals in the family hatchback market. Recent spy shots showed prototype versions of the saloon and five-door running in convoy with a Ford Focus and a Mazda 3.

If the finished production model follows the lead of the concept, then the new Impreza will take on more of a conventional hatchback shape than the current car. Highlights include a new grille with large air intakes at the front, and a prominent lip spoiler at the rear. Subaru also says that the look of the five-door concept hints at the look of the company’s future range as a whole - although judging from the spy pics, the headlight treatment is going to be toned down for production.

In fact, the new Impreza is styled to usher in a new design language from Subaru. Dubbed Dynamic x Solid, it will also be seen on future Subaru models. Subaru design boss Mamoru Ishii said: "This concept was created under a new design theme, representing a design carved from a hard, rigid material while also flowing. We included many design cues within the concept that are symbolic of Subaru engineering.

Subaru's US chief Tom Doll said: "It’s a precursor to what you can expect from the next-generation Subaru Impreza sedan. We know that in the US, sedans will play a vital role in our company’s continued sales growth. We are on target to sell 570,000 cars in 2015."

Power is expected to come from a new generation of engines featuring cylinder deactivation technology. The current car is powered by a 112bhp 1.6-litre flat-four engine and is available with either a five-speed manual transmission or a CVT.

Autocar understands the next-generation Impreza will be launched late in 2016. Prices aren't expected to rise too far from the £17,495 of the current car.

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7 October 2015 the good looking Subaru finally arriving?

28 October 2015
They always produce really good looking concepts and then totally tone them down for production leaving a bland shadow of the concept that ultimately ends up being a sales flop (in the UK at least). Get the spec right too!! Make them more appealing; no CVT's on top spec higher powered versions please. Subaru may also want to improve the emissions of its boxer diesel as its falling behind the best now; perhaps a lower capacity version.... I've finished.

28 October 2015
Marv wrote:

Subaru may also want to improve the emissions of its boxer diesel as its falling behind the best now; perhaps a lower capacity version.... I've finished.

Ignore the imaginary official figures for economy/emissions (same thing). If you check reported mpg sites like RealMPG and Spritmonitor you'll see Subaru are doing pretty well. Forester drivers to report 45-48mpg while many of it's rivals like the Discovery Sport or X3 struggle to get 40mpg.

Granted, it's not able to match Honda's ludicrously efficient 1.6 in the CR-V but nobody else is either.

Subaru's honesty about their emissions/economy does come at the cost of slightly higher tax, but an extra £1k over the life of the vehicle isn't a very big cost in the scheme of things and won't matter in a couple of years if the VED changes go through.

28 October 2015
Looks like the ill-fated Lexus CT 250 to me. Not bad but the association may not be what Subaru is going for.

29 October 2015
... is on a survival mode, and this is actually the right thing to do. The new design concept is not bad to say the least and market it soonest (it looks quite good right now but we do not know how the competitors will look when it comes in sale - Toyota for example has started also to improve the looks of its cars). Subaru has to work very hard on the interior (all japanese firms should but the others are not on 'survival mode') and also on the pricing and bring it 'down to earth'.. Last but not least, they also have to overcome the current feeling of the average client that Subaru is a firm for buyers with 'special needs and taste' and this might actually be the hardest challenge of all...

3 November 2015
There is room for some improvement in the quality of some Japanese interiors, but personally I would always value durability over perceived quality. Subaru's current interiors are not wonderful, but they don't need to go down the slightly whacky design route of some of their competitors (Honda for example) or try to emulate the Germans. Something durable, functional but nonetheless attractive will fit the bill nicely.

12 November 2015
johnspan wrote:

... is on a survival mode, and this is actually the right thing to do.

Subaru sales are currently on a huge upwards trend. In the US, they're biggest market they're in the top 10 brands and with the fastest growth (> 14% this year). They comfortably outsell firms like VW (even pre the scandal).

If they have an issue it's that they've focussed on their big markets at the expense of European sales.

3 November 2015
is Subaru UK! The group which manages Subaru's UK interests are inept and far too greedy. One day claiming they wanted to take on the likes of Audi. What did the change? Same product, higher price. The STi going up in price over night by £7.5k. And refused to offer their best seller in the format you wanted - saloon, in blue, with a wing. Claimed it wasn't being built by Subaru, yet every other country in the world had that combination pictured their website. And significantly cheaper than the UK was offering it for too.

15 November 2015
Completely agree, they have killed Subaru in the UK.

It could be revived in a simple stroke - bring in the AUS spec 2.0 STI at a fair price and they would almost drive themselves out of the showroom.
IM / SUK have have a lot to answer for.
Still running my 10 Yr old wide-track PPP as nothing since has offered any improvement at a reasonable cost. 10 years and £30K of petrol later, its still going strong with nothing more than a water pump and consumables (Lots of brakes/tyres) in its 110000 life. Who is going to be able to say that about the 2.5 lump forced on us?

19 November 2015
Still looking good, just bolt on a estate, or even a liftback version, and you've potentially got a new customer sitting here. Saloons simply don't work with my needs.


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