The equivalent of a fully loaded Merc E-class for £27,000

What is it?

Probably the most opulent Skoda ever seen in the UK. With permanent four-wheel drive, a 3.6-litre 260bhp engine and an equipment list that itemises no fewer than 75 goodies ranging from dual-zone air-con to electrically operated leather seats, the Skoda Superb Elegance V6 is the equivalent of a fully loaded Merc E-class for £27,000.

What’s it like?

The Superb is a revelation and with its enormous interior, grunty powertrain and sophisticated manners. Ride quality apart, the car excels in almost every area and adapts well to its luxury aspirations.

It is thirsty, returning an average of 23mpg in our hands, but the performance is strong enough to post the quickest 0-60mph of any Skoda production car – a claimed 6.5sec. With four tailpipes and the much-vaunted 'Twindoor' boot, it is a genuine long-distance express.

It also benefits from many of the technical advances of the VW Group, including FSI engine technology (helping to keep C02 down to a competitive 235g/km), six-speed twin-clutch automatic gearbox and touchscreen sat-nav.

Should I buy one?

If £27,000 sounds like a lot for a Skoda, try comparing it, feature for feature, with anything that promotes itself as an executive performance saloon. Nothing touches it for value and the odd rough edge (uninvolving dynamics, knobbly ride) is easily forgiven. It’s terrific.

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ThatOne 4 August 2010

Re: Skoda Superb 3.6 V6 FSI Elegance 4x4

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moe360 5 July 2010

Re: Skoda Superb 3.6 V6 FSI Elegance 4x4

ThatOne wrote:
moe: To quote President Obama: "Before I open my mouth to speak I like to know what I am talking about"

<P> Your starting you argument using a quote from an idiotic American President, when I saw the first line of your post and Obama's name mentioned I swithced off.

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Old Toad 5 July 2010

Re: Skoda Superb 3.6 V6 FSI Elegance 4x4

Very interesting to read these reveiws . On paper I am impressed enough by Skoda to give a superb Estate a test drive . Other cars on my list may well be an E class estate and 5 series touring . Yes really .

However a quick look at JD power surveys makes the BMW and Merc look less favourable plus the fact that their dealers are too snotty n snooty and cost you the earth on servicing . And if something goes wrong why do they have to be so condescending to folk especially women . Sorry bad past dealership experiences from friends with both German marques .

So for me it is not just about the car itself it is what sort of enjoyment do I get out of ownership and I definitely dont enjoy paying premium rates for mediocre and condescending dealership experiences .

I have noted that many Skoda dealerships are still small family run businesses where customers are still king as they need the repeat business so your chances of being treated fairly are better . Oh and of course parts and extras prices still dont need a second mortgage .

So yes the Skoda looks like a thinking mans car to me . Might even see if I can get a deal on a Yeti at the same time . Yes I think they are that good now . Lets hope the drive will meet expectations .