Before its unveiling in production form, the Rapid’s design was previewed at motor shows by Skoda’s Mission L concept, a rather sleek, chunky-looking hatch that didn’t seem particularly outlandish.

Pity, then, that to our eyes the Rapid, once shorn of the concept’s striking white paint and huge alloy wheels, doesn’t quite retain all of that charm. It arrives instead looking rather more staid and without the elegance of an Octavia or the cheekiness of a Yeti. It’s undramatic and inoffensive, mind you, and perhaps that’s the idea. A car that eases itself into people’s consciousness without them even knowing it.

The Rapid looks dissapointingly dull compared to the Mission L concept that previewed it

Beneath its skin, things remain just as conventional. At 4.48m long, the Rapid would seem a likely candidate for the Volkswagen Group’s MQB platform that already underpins the Volkswagen Golf, Audi A3 and Seat Leon.

Instead, the Skoda sits on a development of the same underpinnings as the Fabia hatchback. There’s nothing wrong with that, but one wonders whether its torsion beam rear end will rob it of the sophisticated feel of the better cars in this class, including, let’s not forget, other budget-conscious models such as the Hyundai i30 and Kia Cee’d.

One advantage, mind you, is the weight of the Rapid, which comes in at just 1150kg. That’s lighter than the 1175kg claimed kerb weight and considerably lighter than most rivals. As light, in fact, as plenty of current superminis, and this, as we’ll see, has an advantage when it comes to fuel consumption.

At the front, the Rapid is suspended by MacPherson struts, and it has a range of engines offered straight off the shelf and available to all within the VW Group.

The range kicks off with a an 89bhp, four-cylinder, turbocharged 1.2, and there’s also a 108bhp version of the same engine, with the most powerful unit in the line-up being the 123bhp 1.4 petrol available only with VW’s DSG automatic gearbox.

Slightly oddly, that’s not the case on the Spaceback hatchback version of the Rapid, where the 1.4 petrol isn’t offered, but there is a DSG version of the 1.2 petrol available.


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There are two diesels: an 89bhp 1.4 coming with manual or DSG auto transmissions, and the 113bhp 1.6. In our experience to date, the 89bhp 1.2 TSI represents the range’s sweet spot.

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