Amid a flurry of new SUVs that could bury a wannabe buyer up to his or her neck in choice, the Kodiaq does almost all of the important things well: practicality, economy, driveability and convenience.

And it’s most impressive of all for its delivery of appealing quality, distinguishing versatility and smart and modern SUV desirability at a competitive price.

Versatile, appealing, added-value motoring for the bigger family

Where the car falls short is on luxurious richness and dynamic sophistication. The richness seems a lot to expect of Skoda from its first attempt at a big 4x4, although the price of our test car would buy more of it from more premium brands.

We find it harder to overlook the dynamic shortfall from our driver-focused viewpoint, because there’s just a little bit of naïvety about how the Kodiaq attempts to feel small and spry on the road.

Such naïvety can easily be rectified as the car develops through its lifecycle, and we’re leaving room to improve our rating as and when it is.

However, for those less interested in the driving experience, we can believe the Kodiaq will need little improvement at all.

With all than in mind, we have placed the Kodiaq just behind the impressive Land Rover Discovery Sport, but ahead of the Kia Sorento, Nissan X-Trail and Mitsubishi Outlander.

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