The Seat Ibiza Cupra makes a persuasive argument for itself. The hi-tech engine, low running costs, decent cabin and standard manual box will appeal to many buyers. 

But this class is all about driver reward and the Seat lacks the flair you would expect. Though good in everyday driving, the DSG gearbox doesn’t improve the experience if you really want to plunder the engine’s potential and is almost unusable on track.

The Cupra is a practical, good-value supermini

Equally, the inconsistent braking and steering rob the Ibiza of the engaging handling and responses that you get from a Renaultsport Clio.

The Cupra is a practical, good-value supermini that satisfies many hot hatch requirements.

Style and speed are there in abundance. For some buyers that will be enough, but in this class entertainment is one area that shouldn’t be compromised.