It may seem an oversight to award a near-perfect score here to a car priced at a 30% premium over its nearest rivals – particularly when the rarefied air in which the car exists translates that 30% premium as £60,000 or so.

But what matters, of course, is what the Dawn does to earn that premium. And rest assured, the car would be ready to take your breath away with its grandness, eccentricity and sense of occasion every time you used it – which seems as fine a definition of a wonderful car to own as any we can think of.

Exclusivity of a Rolls badge should keep Dawn values high for a while, but not as high as some exotics

Although it may interest only a small proportion of Rolls-Royce’s customer base, the Dawn’s predicted residual values are relatively competitive.

CAP suggests that a typical three-year-old example should retain almost 10% more of its showroom value than a Bentley Continental GTC Speed and 5% more than an Aston Martin Vanquish Volante, despite the high initial price.

Fuel economy will be of even less interest to most Dawn owners – but even here, the car does quite well.

Averaging 19.1mpg for our True MPG fuel testers and topping 25mpg when touring, it’s actually no less economical in real-world motoring than many of its rivals – and it should be capable of putting more than 450 miles between fills on long trips.

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If you are keen on the Dawn, thankfully Rolls-Royce offers a set-menu choice of specifications to make an already complicated choice that bit easier. We would spec a Dawn with the Bespoke premium audio system, comfort entry and an uplit, solid silver Spirit of Ecstasy.

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