Realistically – objectively – the Renault Twizy is nowhere. A range of less than 50 miles. An approximate 50mph top speed. No windows, no heater, and a price that some city cars can get close to.

But, in this instance, there is a ‘however’. And the Twizy owes its caveat to the amount of fun that it provides its driver, and to the fact that it is a remarkably cute piece of product design that people laugh with, rather than at. 

The Twizy's predictably only suitable for those with appropriate journeys

Yes, it’s another electric vehicle that, we can’t help but conclude, would be better with its own power source on board.

It'd still be just as fun, it'd still be cheap to run and - more importantly - it'd be a much more practical and usable form of transport.

But, nonetheless, the Twizy has a loveable character in a field that’s all too often devoid of charm.