There was a chance that the 918 Spyder would look like a poor relation next to the McLaren P1 and LaFerrari.

With a horsepower figure that started with merely an eight and a quoted weight some 200kg heavier than a P1’s, there was a chance that the horsepower race would have left it behind.

As worthy a follow-up to the Carrera GT as the P1 is to the McLaren F1

But we should have known. This is a Porsche and Porsche is rarely caught out. Accelerating in gears, through gears, on the road and on a circuit, the 918 Spyder has nothing to fear from any other car in its class.

If we were being picky – and we can be – we’d say that most of our testers would prefer to drive a P1 hard, and the McLaren also has a slightly more purposeful interior. Does that prevent the 918 being considered a technical triumph and gaining five stars? It does not.