Price, fuel economy, range and depreciation

In the P1’s review, we noted that its £866,000 sticker price and very low volume actually represented reasonable value when you factor in the car’s development cost and the sophisticated technology employed in its construction.

Porsche will build slightly more 918s (918 of them in fact) and start selling them for slightly less, at £781,155 – but we’d suggest that the same argument applies.

'Liquid-metal' nine-coat paint is a £38,400 option; a front axle lift system is also offered for £7150

If the model eventually enjoys the same high reputation and notoriously buoyant prices of its predecessor, the Carrera GT, then the outlay will be made to look like a sage investment.

Running costs, of course, are impressively core to the 918’s brief, but not in any way that would directly affect how many are sold.

We recorded 28.9mpg as an average and 44.2mpg at a constant cruise. Those numbers are freakishly good, yielding a 400-mile-plus range.

For the record, that’s another area of performance where the 918 trumps its UK rival.