The Porsche 911 Turbo’s position, already undermined by the Nissan GT-R, is set to come under even greater threat. It has not gone unnoticed in industry circles how few ‘proper’ sports cars you’ll currently find for £100k-£150k.

Still, the new Turbo continues to be the defining everyday supercar for those who couldn’t live with a supercar if they wanted to.

As usable a rocketship as you'll ever encounter. Its launch control system is the biggest thrill

Its raw speed is incredible. It has the grip and stability to cope with almost any conditions. It’s easy to drive fast. It’s comfortable, practical and loaded with kit.

If those qualities don’t quite combine to make the car the king of 911s, it’s only because of the presence of the majestic GT3.

With the PSM-off limit handling made more predictable and a little more feedback through the controls, it would be hard to fault the 911 Turbo.

This isn’t the most involving 911 as it stands, though, but it’s a natural athlete and a good enough entertainer to offer something over most – but not all – of its rivals.