How hard is it to sell a Porsche 911 priced like a bona fide supercar? A doddle, by all accounts.

And how easy is it to buy a GT2 RS today? Impossible – unless you’re willing to pay twice the asking price. Porsche had deposits for the 1000-unit production run it’s rumoured to have commissioned for the car within a matter of weeks after the model’s unveiling last year, and it is now building and delivering the last few.

Weissach pack (£21,042) is very expensive, but will probably add its value and then some at resale time – and you can have it without the roll-cage (£18,770) if you’d prefer

For an indication of how high demand still is, consider this: several delivery-mileage, 2018-reg examples are already on the ‘second-hand’ market for asking prices that look ambitious even by the standards of flipped Porsche road-legal track specials. Some are on offer for almost half a million pounds.

As crazy as it may seem, there might well be one or two wealthy individuals willing to pay that much.

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