A good engine and plenty of kit, but this is a lot of money for a 407.
What is it??
The Peugeot 407 saloon fitted with the 2.7-litre V6 HDi from the 407 Coupé (and also the Jaguar XJ and Land Rover Discovery). Available only with top-spec Executive trim, that makes this middle-lane merchant a £25,725 proposition. The spec includes everything from rear window blinds to colour sat-nav and full leather.

What’s it like?
The 407 is a curious mixture of abilities and compromises. Its high grip means corners can be hurtled round at some pace, but the steering’s vagueness makes accurately placing the car frustrating; the Coupé is much more precise. The lack of wind noise at speed is impressive, but the 235/45 tyres generate plenty of road noise on coarse surfaces.
Not being as well insulated as in the Coupé robs the V6 of that installation’s low-rev and cold start refinement but it surges the saloon down the road with quiet authority at speed.
205bhp, 330lb ft of torque and six gears mean that 80mph is barely over 2000rpm.
But bumps send shocks through the body and there’s no disguising the fact that the Coupé is built on a separate production line.

Should I buy one?
This 407 has no direct competition, but at this price – with group 15E insurance and CO2 emissions of 223 g/km – it’s a brave choice.

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