As with the hatch, the 308 CC is roomier and better finished than its predecessors, without being outstanding in either regard. A decent dashboard moulding, attractive instruments and splashes of chrome and aluminium make for an inviting cabin, especially if it’s leather trimmed. And the Integral leather option, which extends classy double-stitched hide to the fascia, lifts the Peugeot's cabin surprisingly close to premium grade.

The Peugeot’s lid lifts and folds in a claimed 20 seconds (we timed it at 22sec) and can be operated at speeds of up to 7.5mph. A pair of head ’bags incorporated into the front seats, along with the side ’bags, are an engineering first.

Richard Bremner Autocar

Richard Bremner

Senior contributing editor
Headrest-mounted airbags help the 308 CC achieve a five-star Euro Ncap figure

Room up front is generous, but in the rear legroom for adults is tight, while most will find insufficient head room beneath a rear screen that exposes heads to the sun. Comfort is also compromised by the rear armrests, whose height forces your elbow upwards, causing your torso to twist slightly.

Space for the paraphernalia of travel is adequate up front, with decent door bins, a lidded cubby and a sizeable rubber-floored centre console shelf, but the glovebox is a lot smaller than its lid implies and there are no storage options for rear-seat occupants. The boot is one of the least small among the coupé-cabriolet class, although its roof-down capacity of 226 litres is hardly large. Roof up, there’s 403 litres of space – enough for a holiday if you pack light.

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As ever in a four-seat cabrio, the back seats become draughty with speed, though the 308 is better than some in this respect. Up front it’s impressively breeze-free, especially if the boot-stored wind stop is installed. And the Airwave vents in the front seats provide an effective jet of warm or cool air to the neck; annoyingly, it can only be had with Peugeot’s expensive leather option, although that does include the wind stop. 

The Peugeot can also be driven with all the side windows down for a semi-alfresco, pillarless coupé ride that’s an appealing compromise during middling weather or days too hot for the full roof-down experience.

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