You’d be right to think that we expected more from the Peugeot 208. We have no quarrel with Peugeot’s retention and update of an earlier platform because, as we’ve said many times before, architecture is so sophisticated that it’s quite possible to build a class leader upon proven technology.

However, in the 208’s case, too many failings seem to have been carried over, and a few of the new features – such as the novel interior touches, which we would have loved to report as being successful – don’t feel polished enough.

An ordinary hatch from a firm whose return to form seems to have stalled

It’s a theme that you could apply to all aspects of the 208; it lacks the class, verve and completeness of the best cars in this sector.

There’s an awful lot of highly capable superminis out there, however, and there are just too few compelling reasons to look at a Peugeot 208 among them. 

Without radically changing the class order, the 208 consolidates Peugeot’s position amongst the makers of  good superminis.

It’s a car to have on your shortlist; for us, it would be hard to choose over a Fiesta, Polo or Jazz. But if you don't mind taking style over substance in some respects, it might be up your street. 


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