Forget the M600’s eyebrow-raising price for one moment and consider what it does, and how it does it.

The Noble can live with a McLaren F1, not just from 0-60mph or even 0-100mph but all the way from 0-200mph. That makes it all but unique among the hundreds of cars we’ve road tested since the McLaren in 1994, and nothing short of a sensation when it comes to the act of going fast.

The M600 is easily worth the £200,000 asking price

Yet despite its monumental performance, the M600 is also a really usable car. Although slightly imperfect ergonomically, it rides as well as it handles, steers beautifully and could, at a pinch, be used every day of the year – provided the lack of anti-lock brakes wouldn’t put you off. That’s just as much of an achievement on Noble’s part as the raw performance itself. And now you can also have it with a collapsible roof only further enhances the appeal.

So is it worth at least £206,000? In many ways the answer is a resounding yes. Speed matters to a great many people in this area of the market, after all – and by current measures, £206k isn’t a lot to ask for the magnitude of it that the M600 serves up. Particularly when it comes in a car with such a benign and friendly dynamic temperament as this.

Does the M600 look sharp enough, feel special enough, or have the sheer wow factor that its more established rivals offer? In the end that’s up to the people who can afford this kind of amazing car to decide. 

We suspect the majority of them would say no. But then British sports car makers have never been in the business of serving the majority. 

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