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Lee Noble reveals new closed-roof, mid-engined two-seater is on the way

Lee Noble has revealed his plans for a new closed-roof, mid-engined two-seater that will go on sale next year, have up to 650bhp and cost less than £100,000.

Noble, who left the company that bears his name in 2006, is now working on his new project, with the first car currently being assembled in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, by the same people who built the Noble M12.

His company and car names have yet to be revealed, but Noble has confirmed that the new car uses a petrol engine and has all-round double wishbone suspension with steel brakes (but no anti-lock system) and a spaceframe chassis.

The engine hasn't been revealed either, but Noble says it will have eight cylinders and between 400 and 650bhp, "depending on how much money the customer wants to spend.” The gearbox will be a Graziano six-speed manual unit - the same one used in the Noble M600.

He says the car will weigh 1200kg, meaning it should be capable of 0-60mph in less than 3.5sec and 0-100mph in less than 7.0sec.

“It’ll start at around £70k, although even the top-end versions will still cost less than £100k," says Noble. “I always said I wanted to build a car with the performance of a Ferrari Enzo but for less than £100,000, and unless we do something badly wrong in the near future, that’s what we’ll deliver.”

Noble has also dimissed concerns that the car won't reach fruition, as with the M14 and M15.

“One of the things that got out of control last time was the volume of cars we were trying produce. It was too big, and I started to lose contact with the customer as a result,” admits Noble.

“With hindsight, I want to make sure that doesn’t happen again. When you get to drive the first car it’ll be right, and nothing will change; it’ll be perfect. Nothing will go wrong, and it’s down to me to make sure it all happens when we say it will. And it will because I’ll have full control this time round.”

Noble plans to produce a maximum of 100 cars a year.

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Symanski 15 October 2009

Re: Noble reveals £100k, 650bhp car

Zonda is a name ten years ago we never heard of, but what a reputation it's got now?

Noble could and should do similar if he's only targetting 100 cars per year. At that point you can charge more, but you've got to make the car exceptional. By all accounts he got the driving right, add the style and finish and he's got a winner.

Only sat on one of the M12, it felt good. But the Ford vents staring back at me didn't help simply because that's what I had at the time my self - a Ford. TVR was excellent at making a finish inside which was bespoke.

Expectation has grown since the days of TVR. We now demand a much higher quality finish, from design onwards. So any form of fibre glass bodywork won't do. That alone adds cost.

I wish him luck!

Colonel Snappy 15 October 2009

Re: Noble reveals £100k, 650bhp car

6th.replicant wrote:
and will look a complete munter, as did all of Noble's previous designs, because the styling will be done in 5 mins on the back of an envelope

Very true, unfortunately.

38carssofar 15 October 2009

Re: Noble reveals £100k, 650bhp car

Lee is going to build what the M600 intended to be - a £100K car with Enzo performance - Noble Cars got greedy ...