From £248,1849

Price, fuel economy and range, finance and depreciation

Whether the M600 appeals sufficiently to pinch sales from the likes of the McLaren 570S, Ferrari 488 or Lamborghini Huracan is unknown, and in many ways entirely irrelevant. The market is its own guide with a car as rare and unusual as this. Even if the car isn’t deemed a match for the supercar establishment, it could still be popular enough to satisfy Noble’s super-modest expectations for volume. 

What’s not in doubt is the quality of its construction, the way it performs, the way it drives generally or Noble’s commitment to aftersales service, most of which will be carried out at Noble’s Leicester HQ and via a specialised dealer network throughout Europe. You’ll need to be a bold customer to write a £206k-plus cheque for an M600, sure – but not necessarily a stupid one.

The M600 won't be a cheap car to run, but Noble's aftersales care promises much

It wasn’t possible to carry out our normal road test economy schedule with the M600, due to a shortage of time at our MIRA test track and with Noble’s test car. Our test experience would suggest that this is fairly economical by relevant class standards, however. You could reasonably expect 18mpg from the car on a day-to-day basis, and up to 25mpg when touring.

The only note of caution we’d give would concern that carbonfibre bodywork, which would be expensive to replace in the event of cosmetic or crash damage. That’s unlikely to be a serious concern for any buyer who can afford the car’s asking price, or who’ll only use the car occasionally. But for any track day regulars who’ve paid for expensive panel damage to exotics in the past, that might just be enough to make you think twice.

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