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Dashboard, infotainment, sat-nav and passenger space

Considering that it’s such a specialised, low-volume car, the Noble M600’s interior is, by and large, an impressive achievement. It lacks the same design panache, or the luxurious smell, as the inside of a Ferrari, but it’s a reasonably well thought out cabin all the same.

The dash layout is clean, clear and concise. The instruments look good and are genuinely easy to read. Even the minor controls feel polished in their operation and sit logically just in front of the gearlever, alongside the M600’s cheekiest feature: the cover for its traction control button, pinched from a Tornado fighter jet.

The cabin is better than expected, but there's still a lot of 'parts bin' switchgear

It’s a shame that not all of the car’s switchgear is so exotic. You’ll recognise ‘parts bin’ indicator arms that also feature in Jaguars and Aston Martins, as well as a regrettably downmarket audio system that definitely doesn’t belong on a £206k-plus supercar, regardless of who happens to make it.

Immediately ahead of the gear lever is a red, three-position toggle switch with ‘road’, ‘track’ and ‘race’ modes. This regulates the turbo boost settings of the car’s V8 engine, cycling from 0.6bar and 450bhp, through 0.8bar and 550bhp, to 1.0bar and 662bhp, and allows the driver the opportunity to reduce peak power from the engine to make the car easier to drive in slippery everyday conditions, for example.

Inside there are lots of carbonfibre touchs, but Noble hasn't neglected the comfort or practicality aspects of the M600, with buyers given the choice of adorning the interior with leather, suede or Alcantara, fine wool carpets and knurled finished metal.

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Space is quite good for a mid-engined supercar. There’s a decent-sized boot in the nose and enough headroom inside to accommodate a 6ft driver wearing a crash helmet. The seat reclines far enough manually to suit all but the ridiculously tall.

Ideally we’d like the pedals to be located more centrally in the driver’s footwell and further away relative to where the adjustable steering wheel sits to allow for a better driving position. Noble claims, however, that each M600 will be designed to suit its owner, including the position of the pedal box.