The question that overrides all others when it comes to producing an Autocar road test is this: is it fit for purpose?

So when anyone in our office doubted that the Morgan 3 Wheeler was worthy of the five-star rating it gets here, we stuck them in the driver’s seat and asked them to return some time later. And now there is no one within these walls who doubts the 3 Wheeler deserves its full five stars. 

It's impossible not to smile when you get behind the wheel of the Morgan

Unashamedly, the 3 Wheeler sets out to put the biggest smile imaginable on its driver’s face.

It cares not for Nürburgring lap times or market segments, and it and the motor industry are all the more wonderful for it.

The 3 Wheeler is the most fun thing Morgan, or quite possibly any other car maker, produces today. And the Malvern manufacturer is not scared to break barriers down as its proven with the EV3.

As a template for making motoring enjoyable, Morgan’s attitude should be both applauded and more widely adopted.