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A revised engine makes little difference to the Mini Cooper S John Cooper Works experience, except at the pumps and on tail-pipe emissions

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Mini John Cooper Works
Mini's John Cooper Works auto is less highly strung than before but quicker than ever

Faster and more rounded than any ‘Works’ Mini before it. Still a committed prospect – to buy and to use – but rewarding to drive

30 January 2013
Mini Cooper S John Cooper Works

What is it?

Mini has upgraded its ‘N18’ 1.6-litre turbo engine in John Cooper Works tune, fitting the revised powerplant to this, the standard Mini Cooper S John Cooper Works hatch, as well as the new JCW Countryman and Mini GP models. Every ‘Works’ car now gets the same engine, but the ECU mapping is slightly different for the GP and Countryman, giving them a touch more power.

Rather unspectacularly, the changes wrought have not given the Mini JCW hatch any more power or torque: they remain the same at 208bhp and 192lb ft, with an additional 15lb ft on temporary overboost. However, Mini claims improved throttle response as well as lower fuel consumption and emissions.

The key areas of modification are to the pistons, which have redesigned crowns and new rings; an increase in diameter for the turbo feed pipe; a slightly larger air intake; a redesigned drive belt configuration and a modified dual mass flywheel. 

Various materials within the engine, such as the head gasket, have been optimised. The new engine has a combined fuel figure of 42.8mpg versus 38.7mpg of old, and CO2 emissions fall to 153g/km from 169g/km.

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What's it like?

To drive, the modifications are harder to pinpoint. In the process of this latest round of selective honing, the ‘Works’ engine seems to have taken on a coarser note to the induction roar filtering through the bulkhead, which can become wearing after a time. 

If the throttle response is improved, then it’s hard to tell and would probably require a back-to-back drive with the old car to pinpoint it exactly. That said, one of the key strengths of this turbo engine has always been the way it responds so instantaneously to the driver’s command, and that continues. 

So the John Cooper Works engine remains an effective if slightly soulless device to control. The 0-62mph time of 6.5sec proves that it lacks for nothing in terms of outright pace, and its burgeoning shove from low revs would make mincemeat of an outgoing Clio Renaultsport caught ‘off cam’. 

But given the regular Cooper S does much of that already, it’s a shame there aren’t more fireworks from this Works state of tune, disregarding the constant pops and bangs it releases from the exhaust on the overrun. 

Should I buy one?

The JCW hatch has its own appeal, with nearly 450 in hatchback guise alone finding homes in the UK last year. 

It’s certainly not cheap, some of the standard kit omissions are mean, and by the time most buyers have specced them to their preference the price is an eye widener. 

However, it takes the core competencies of the Mini and remixes them into a furious, exciting, wheel-scrabbling experience full of sharp steering inputs and jolts from the firm ride. Business as usual, then.

Adam Towler

Mini John Cooper Works

Price £22,455; 0-62mph 6.5sec; Top speed 148mph; Economy 42.8mpg; CO2 153g/km; Kerb weight 1,160kg; Engine 4 cyls inline, turbocharged, 1,598cc; Power 208bhp at 6,000rpm; Torque 207lb ft at 2,000-5,100rpm with overboost; Gearbox 6-spd manual

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31 January 2013

Yep, it's time for a NEW Mini, so, what do we want?,well having feasted well on the Brand name, the name doesn't really matter now, it's an established product,so, a more radical Mini wouldn't be such a big leap,this Mini isn't to bad, it's going in the right direction,confidence,that's what BMW's design and bean counters have to get, i hope they do.

31 January 2013

This "vehicle" has begun to annoy me now. I dont think any company ever at any time managed to have so many different derivatives -  maybe it is run by ex bankers ?? None are any imporvement except for the financial well being of the makers

31 January 2013

What is the point in making revisions to the engine this late in the lifecycle? The JCW GP II signals the end of this Minis life, so why pump money into refining the engine? 

The next gen Mini will use a completely different engine, unless JCW will stick to this one?

31 January 2013

"constant pops and bangs it releases from the exhaust on the overrun"

Alfa make note.  Stop faffing about with SUVs and make a Mito that Pops and Bangs on the overun - thatwould a bit more 'Alfa' and then you might sell a few more and make some money...

31 January 2013

Will use the same 1.6 "N18" or "Prince" engine as the JCW, however despite all the work BMW have done, Peugeot have managed to produce 260bhp and only slightly worse emmisions of 155g/km, so it isnt really that much of an achievment is it..

1 February 2013

42mpg and 200+ horsepower, number in the same context was merely fictional before

1 February 2013

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1 February 2013

When will the black wheels fad be over? Certainly doesn't look like the infinite number of Minis fad will end soon. Do these versions hold their value as well as the lower end models? We had a Cooper D that we sold for 54% of the new price at 4 and a bit years old.

2 February 2013

Interresting point by CarCluster. We are on our fourth Mini this is a JCW - a converatble which to be fair may not be the purist choice if there is such a thing, but it is the most fun. The car is just under 2 years old. Price new £29.5K min dealer would offer £16.5 now then would put on the forecourt for £19K. However over the next 2 years the curve will falten out. Best buy one 2 years old!

Still if we changed for another JCW the improvement in fuel economy would be useful and the reduced C02 would reduce the road tax. So keep developing Mini! After all this is not another variant, as some have suggested just an engine update. Shame they have not turn the wick up a bit more. Still having said, that if you press the sport button, the car we have is frantic enough, especially when you pull out to over take, it feels somewhat mental!

Ours averages 37.5 MPG. On a run using the cruise control it will just about do 40MPG.


24 February 2013

i really love it in every way - it does look so stylish and full of character - these minis are built to last


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