From £20,5307

Price, fuel economy and range, finance and depreciation

If you're looking for a practical yet premium car, one with a particularly classy interior, the Mercedes-Benz B-Class is worthy of consideration.

There are roomier rivals around for less money, however. Mercedes customers are used to paying a premium, even over like-for-like Audi and BMW prices, and the B-Class's significantly higher price isn't likely to surprise as a result.

There is a premium to pay for the B-Class, but repeat Mercedes customers will be used to that

Yes, a cheaper car might have some obvious cost cutting measures, but if you're willing to trade some perceived quality and standard safety features for greater practicality and flexibility, then you may well be better off looking at the alternatives.

The Mercedes' running costs shouldn't prove extortionate however, thanks to wide service intervals, a decent warranty and sensible fuel consumption figures for all engines.

Just remember that to appreciate its concoction of character traits it’s necessary to specify your new Mercedes-Benz B-Class carefully.

This may well mean ignoring the more lavish Sport trim and its misjudged chassis tune, and opting instead for the SE with standard suspension and the optional Easy-Vario-Plus seating system, which includes adjustable rear seats and a folding front passenger seatback.