Limited-run Black Series models aside, the CLS 63 S is arguably AMG’s best attempt yet to alter the dynamic character of the Mercedes model on which it’s based.

The standard CLS is a fine car, but rather than just take its character and turn up the performance, AMG has created a sporting car with a character and genuine dynamic ability all of its own. 

The CLS 63 AMG is an unqualified triumph

Any concerns about the engine are unfounded. It has all the low-end shove we loved from the old supercharged ‘55’ motor yet retains the growly character of the naturally aspirated 6.2.

In all but details, then — chief of which is the price that AMG demands for a car that is only acceptably specified — the CLS 63 AMG is an unqualified triumph.

However, the CLS 63 S is starting to look long in the tooth, with the now defunct BMW M5 and E 63 set to be replaced this year, its time seems limited as these new hot saloons take performance and agility to a whole new dimension.


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