From £17,585
Frugal and smooth, but not special enough to justify the price
14 March 2008

What is it?

This is the diesel option for the new 6, although the engine’s not actually new – it’s a lightly reworked version of the last car’s 2.0-litre four-pot diesel.

It’s a little less thirsty – 6.7 per cent less - a little cleaner, with a diesel particulate filter, but slightly less powerful because of it. The diesel adds a not inconsiderable 120kg to the kerbweight.

What’s it like?

Competent, good looking and frugal if ever so slightly dull to drive and sit in. It’s not the quietest or most powerful diesel ever, but it’s smooth and delivers its torque and power evenly with no flat spots.

It’s not quick, either, but it does works just fine in town – even if it’s a little less willing on open roads and motorways. The gearchange on our (admittedly very low mileage) test car was annoyingly notchy and obstructive.

Should I buy one?

Tricky this, because the more dynamic Mondeo diesel is slightly cheaper but much more common. The Mazda’s the less predictable choice and is certainly a good (and good looking) car, but doesn’t feel quite special enough.

Dan Stevens


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22 March 2008

This car has a nasty sting in it's tail or rather the 2.0L diesel has, it's called servicing cost especially if you are a private buyer.

12 month service £351.00

24 month £236.00

36 month £289.00

48 month £286.00

60 month £227.00

72 month £785.00 includes new cambelt

Also this car is available in S trim from £15600 OTR, cheaper than a mondeo

The 1.8L petrol servicing costs are much cheaper and a chain cam engine.

A Toyota diesel car is also much cheaper to service it also has a chain cam engine.

18 April 2008

I wish to inform other potential Mazda 6 diesel purchasers of the following.

I have had two previous Mazda 6 Diesel Sport 136 /143 bhp models they were excellent the latest 2008 model is in my opinion very poor I only get 37mpg on a run. It is costing me an extra £10.30 to fill up my diesel tank each time. My car has been checked and they found nothing wrong. The performance has been reduced to get the emissons down only 138bhp!! The ride is harsh and the main beam headlights are useless.The position of the handbrake is incorrect just so the gearstick can be moved two inches closer to the driver.

The body shape looks modern, the seats are an improvement, but the sales information does not match the product.

9 January 2009

I have owned a new Maxda 6 2.0D TS2 since February 08 and covered 18,000 miles.

I agree with "birdbmw" that the full beam headlamps are poor, but as for fuel economy it's excellent. I've read other criticisms of Mazda 6 diesel fuel economy, but my experience is that I achieve 44 to 48mpg in normal use and in the 50 to 56mpg range on motorways at a cruise controlled 70mph. On one 45 mile motorway trip on cruise control at 65mph I achieved 64mpg.

Handbrake position is strange but you get used to it on day 1.

Space, practicality, driving enjoyment, build quality - all first class. Styling superb. Service costs are scary but that aside, it's a truly excellent car. I'd certainly buy another when the time comes.

19 February 2010

Interesting points about the Mazda 6.

My ex fleet vehicle has now been with me for 50k miles and I have learned a lot about the car and it's dealers.

The car has had 2 identical gearbox failures. 5th gear has worn to excess meaning it jumped out of gear upon acceleration. Mazda replaced the 1st one on warranty where the dealer told me the repair would have been £1300.

The same gear failed 20k later and the dealer said this time that I would be charged. After a loud 'discussion' with Mazda HQ, a neighbouring dealer was instructed to investigate and found an almost bald gear - thereby raising questions about the earlier repair.

Having said that, this car has proved reliable (even during the recent snow), has required only routine servicing and tells me it achieves 9.7 litres to 100 miles on a motorway run. (around 40mpg).

It does seat 4 easily with luggage and regularly runs into mainland Europe with neat steering and good brakes in all except very icy conditions. The sound system is outstanding, as are the display illumination and steering wheel controls.

To reduce servicing costs I would suggest that after warranty, you find a good local garage. I have found my local dealers very variable and specialists much better value.

Similarly with tyres. I have maintained Pirelli but used online quoting services who have saved me almost 50% and booked me into centres such as National Tyres.

Keep an eye on brake calipers as the can be expensive if they fail, and be aware of a soft spot on the body behind the rear quarterlight.

Overall, I will go for another later this year. I had driven Peugeot for years but the 6 has lured me away long term

19 May 2010

the diesel option needs to be better explored. i have had a ride in ford f350 diesel and it was good in terms of mpg but still the prices are high at least in america.

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