Even stationary, the GranTurismo embodies the romanticism and excitement of a Maserati. The interior marks a step forward for the brand, and on the move the GT continues the company’s renaissance, with a genuinely sporting balance and a high-revving V8 rich in character.

Next to the old Coupé – or even the Quattroporte – the GT is a much more accomplished product, asking far fewer compromises of its keeper, particularly in ride comfort.

The critical ingredient in this segment is desirability, and despite the niggles, the GranTurismo is not short of that commodity

That Maserati has got so many of the basics right makes the remaining few failings all the more frustrating. How difficult could it have been to get the seating position right, for example, or to fix the odd trim issue, or perfect the adjustable damping?

More complex, and thus more forgivable, is that just occasionally we wish the GT had a bit more guts and glory, and hit a little harder.

While we can’t ignore these teething troubles in our overall rating, we would be the first to admit the GranTurismo remains a truly desirable car. For the first time in a long time, you no longer need make excuses to buy and run a Maserati.