For bringing the Stinger to market, Kia’s ambition should be praised. Not only will the model act as an effective brand builder, but it’s also a highly commendable first attempt at a rear-driven saloon.

That’s not to say it’s without compromise, though. While the material richness of the cabin may not be on a par with that of an Audi or BMW, it pays to remember that on a like-for-like basis it’s also considerably cheaper.

This likeable GT is a promising, if slightly flawed, sign of things to come

The slightly lacklustre performance is a touch more disappointing, though, especially as its superior power and torque figures over similarly priced rivals will likely be one of its key draws.

Still, as a comfortable, responsive, well-equipped and refined grand tourer, the Stinger doesn’t fall too short of the mark at all. Breaking into the executive saloon segment with little to no prior experience was never going to be a cakewalk for Kia.

Although the Stinger misses out on top honours, the fact that it places amongst its peers at all shows just how seriously it should be taken.