Electrified Jeep has some charm but is typically rough and ready

Developed with a clear eye on off-road capability as well as on-road dynamic sophistication, the Renegade 4xe has a tougher brief than so many of its plug-in rivals.

An equivalent Mini Countryman or Vauxhall Grandland X could be awful to drive off the Tarmac and very few owners would ever know. But a Jeep must be a Jeep; even the littlest one in the range must claw and climb slopes, and squelch and scrabble through mud, water and dirt, when called to.

This is a car for those with off-road driving in mind, so either go the whole hog with the Trailhawk or don’t bother

The good news is that even a new-age electrified Jeep will do that – and do it quite well. The 4xe is every bit as capable as a more conventional off-roader of its kind. So, with muddy tracks, soggy camping pitches and the odd sandy beach in mind, Renegade 4xe owners ought to be very satisfied with the variety of places their car will take them.

For those whose use for it won’t differ much from that of any other plug-in family SUV, though, the rougher edges of the car’s performance, ride and handling, and its slightly limited practicality, are likely to disappoint.

The Renegade remains a cheery, likeable car, but your inclination to indulge it may be more finite than you realise.