The Jaguar XK’s strength lies in the breadth of its repertoire: it both cossets and thrills, depending on mood and situation. This usability is enough to overshadow our disappointment at the XK’s final kerb weight and the effect that has on its performance.

Most customers are going to relish the rich and luxurious interior just as much as the car's speed, however.

The XK is perfect for buyers looking for elegance, comfort, daily usability and massive power

Moving away from softer rivals doesn’t prevent the Jaguar XKR being a brilliant GT. But amusing though the XKR-S is, there’s a nagging feeling that it is perhaps trying to be something it is not. The truth, we suspect, is that the XKR-S is about attracting a new type of buyer to Jaguar – one who is more extrovert and for whom 379bhp, or even 503bhp, is simply not enough.

Some say the sweet spot in the XK range is the standard 5.0-litre model. You’ll hear its supercharged XKR and XKR-S siblings a mile off and see them get more admiring glances parked outside country clubs, but the normally aspirated XK is certainly the most visually beguiling of the three-strong XK range, not to mention the most refined.

It’s as fast as you’ll ever need in almost all situations and is as usable everyday as a Ford Fiesta. All things considered, the XK is probably the best sport coupe all-rounder on sale.