From £63,8308

Dashboard, infotainment, sat-nav and passenger space

Jaguar has constructed the XK’s interior from fine-quality materials for the most part and furnished with a choice of wood or titanium decor that really broadens its appeal. Only some humdrum plastic cheapens the effect.

The upright dashboard of the XK8 has been replaced by a gently sloping fascia, and it is the better for it. Taller drivers can now get comfortable behind the wheel: there’s a good range of wheel and pedal adjustment, and acceptable head and legroom. It feels spacious enough, but remains cocooning, like a good GT should.

The interior is pure GT - cosseting, sumptuous and comfortable

Cocooned to the point of entrapment is how you’ll feel in the rear – assuming you can get in at all. Even kids will moan, and justifiably. Jaguar defends this with research indicating that’s its customers are happy, but that surely doesn’t excuse the mediocre 330-litre boot, even if the hatchback makes loading it easy. These things impact seriously on the XK's touring ability.

The XK’s interior is certainly the most hi-tech yet for a Jaguar coupé or cabriolet. In 2009, it improved further with a revised centre console, which houses the rotary gear selector from the XF. It’s a nice system that feels tactile and looks classy.