‘Good to drive’ was convenient enough shorthand for the previous XF’s most likable quality. However, its replacement spurns flyweight platitudes. Proper description of its same virtue is strictly the work of scrupulous longhand.

Exceeding our expectation of a business saloon was Jaguar’s stated goal. The XF doesn’t do that precisely, but it does go further toward fulfilling our wish list of dynamic attributes than any model currently on sale.

A more mature, better all-round prospect, with class-leading dynamics

Around the new XF’s class-leading steering, ride quality and feelsome balance, its maker has clustered a spacious, well-finished and very handsome car.

It continues to feel like an XF, too – one thoughtfully matured into a better all-round prospect.

It would be a near-flawless one if Jaguar had succeeded in polishing the Ingenium powerplant to the same standard.

For now, the engine is the only reason buyers have for thinking twice. In time, there may well be none.

Here at Autocar, we believe this version of the XF has the edge over the competition, particularly when it comes down to the actual driving element, leaving Audi A6 and Mercedes-Benz E-Class in its wake, however the G30 BMW 5 Series strikes the perfect balance between able to cope and excel with spirited driving and the effortless cruising.

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