From £35,8017

Price, fuel economy, range and depreciation

The Infiniti EX is an expensive luxury crossover which isn't going to sell in market-altering numbers. Its list price stands square with the higher-end versions of more established rivals. You have to reach S-line specification in the Q5, for example, to match the EX30d’s entry-level price.

The one that makes the most financial sense is undoubtedly the 3.0-litre diesel. Infiniti claims the car will achieve just over 33mpg, while emitting 224g/km Co2. Both figures are off the pace, and the economy return itself takes discipline to match in the real world.

Real-world economy of the diesel really isn't a vast improvement on the petrol. I'd take the latter and have more fun with it.

If the outright power of the EX37 does it for you, you’ll have to put up with a £41,930 price-tag and 25mpg with 265g/km Co2 emissions. It'll be a very committed purchase and will require the indulgence of an owner who cares little about running costs - but that owner will be rewarded by one of the best handling 4x4s on the market.  

There is little existing data to draw on in terms of residuals, but the experts expect that an EX will also depreciate faster than its rivals.