Cheap price, but poor engine makes this a saving not worth making

What is it?

This is the cheapest way into the new Hyundai IX35. Price is only one of the elements of this car that, on paper, make the IX35 2.0 petrol model look great buy.

It has huge amounts of standard spec, including heated front and rear seats, part-leather interior and Bluetooth phone connection. It looks pretty good and it is also very spacious, as well as being thousands less than most other soft roaders.

When fitted with this engine the ix35 is only available in one trim level – the base Style trim – and it only comes with front-wheel drive and a five-speed manual box, so there aren’t many decision to make beyond whether you want to save the £1500 on list price and go for the petrol ix35 over the diesel.

What’s it like?

Well the saving you could make by buying petrol instead of diesel certainly isn’t worth it. The Hyundai ix35 CRDi is good, solid transport that will make a lot of sense to some buyers, but the petrol engine is unrefined and despite its misleadingly high power figure of 161bhp, there is very little performance low down the rev range so you are forced to stay high up in the boomy upper ranges where you will eventually find the 143lb ft of torque when you hit 4600rpm.

The five-speed box is also less than entertaining to use thanks to its rubbery, imprecise shift.

There is no problem with the way the ix35 drives in general, and the lack of the four-wheel drive system doesn’t detract from the predictable, stable dynamics. But the combination of the lacklustre engine and five-speed gearbox, plus the lack of economy in comparison to the diesel, is enough to counteract any benefit gained by opting for the cheaper petrol model.

Should I buy one?

No. Despite the many merits of the ix35 it can’t mask the shortfalls of this engine and gearbox. If it is the low list price that appeals, you would be well advised to look to the various excellent family hatchbacks and crossovers available for the same price.

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I am not so chi... 27 April 2010

Re: Hyundai ix35 2.0

I do think, that to be fair to Hyundai, if you are going to crucify one model in the manner that you have, you should also test the 2.0L Oil burner which, by all accounts is an excellent car.

MOST UNFAIR! And NO I don't have anything to do with Hyundai!

The Apprentice 26 April 2010

Re: Hyundai ix35 2.0

Did you really test it? or did you just forget the camera?

The one in the accompanying pictures is clearly a Premium spec not Style and according to the DVLA ET59 GDF is a diesel, perhaps it was rough because diesels don't like doing 6000rpm?

ah-ha! dear Watson!