New Hyundai i20 is smarter, cleaner and more grown-up than the outgoing model. It’s certainly well worth a close look.

What is it?

Vanished are the bland looks and cutesy styling of old. The new Hyundai i20 is the latest model in the marque’s line-up to carry Hyundai’s bold ‘fluidic sculpture design language’. Inside, too, the i20’s cabin is revamped to improve usability and to de-clutter the dashboard.

We tested the freshest i20 in mid-spec 1.2 Active flavour, which features 15-inch alloys, electric windows, Bluetooth, electric folding door mirrors and a leather steering as standard.

What's it like?

Ignite the 84bhp four-pot petrol and the i20 sits at idle in near silence. Like the retired i20, the facelifted car’s pedal weights remain very light; the lack of resistance offered by the clutch still needs time to get used to.

Changing between the model’s five forward cogs is equally light, making the i20 extremely user-friendly. Steering, too, follows in the same weightless manner, but doesn’t offer much feedback through the steering wheel.

Push the Hyundai i20 through a corner and, predictably, you’re greeted with notable understeer. That said, body roll is kept impressively in check.

The Hyundai’s big selling point, is its comfort. Bumps and road imperfections are absorbed by the car’s suspension components to good effect and the seats offer decent hold.

Finding a good driving position is quick work thanks to easily adjustable seat and steering column positions. Like the old i20, there’s also a good deal of space in the rear for passengers.

Should I buy one?

In light of the i20’s class-rivalling looks, useable and attractive interior and decent levels of kit as standard, the new car is one we’d recommend you give consideration before you put your name down for a Ford Fiesta.

Alex Kertsen

Hyundai i20 1.2 Active

Price: £11,595; 0-62mph: 12.7sec; Top speed: 104mph; Power: 84bhp at 6000rpm; Torque: 88lb ft at 4000; Engine: 4 cylinder DOHC, 16V, 1248cc; Kerb weight: 1083kg; Economy: 57.6mpg; CO2: 114g/km; Gearbox: Five-speed manual

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J3rrYcid 24 July 2013

I had the opportunity to test

I had the opportunity to test drive the Hyundai i20 car and the drive was smooth and amazing. Despite the small and old-fashioned looking body, the interiors and accessories are top of the line and the smooth drive compensate for such. One of my friends who worked for an auto parts carrying the line was telling me that a lot of their customers who bought the car model were very much satisfied with the simple design ye high-performance car, which outlasted their expectations.

garryp 26 March 2013

The Honda is NOT a good bike

The Honda is NOT a good bike this year, well not as good as the Yamaha anyway, but Stoner can take it 'past the edge' for a lap or two, for pole (it will probably be better than the race) but I dont Lorenzo is in a mood to give him an inch... catch me if you can? Water Damage Clive IA

malokll 5 March 2013

good i20

I really like this Hyundai looks like an opel corsa or am I wrong?