The worst part of having a Ford Grand Tourneo Connect as a private vehicle would be, we suspect, the constant effort of telling people that it’s rather better than it looks.

Wherever you’ll go, it will look slightly out of place, which is why, we imagine, most people’s experience of it will be on the way to or from an appointment or airport. Be prepared to make the leap, though, and you’ll find that this is one of the most convincing seven-seaters around. Only the Volkswagen Caddy Life Maxi can truly be classed as its equal.

With this car’s large glass area, good seats and a vast capacity, passengers will find it more pleasurable than most MPVs – particularly those in the cheap seats, where things are far less claustrophobic and cramped than is the norm.

It’s all that you’d expect from a van with windows, then, except for the drive, which is what you’d expect from a Ford and more pleasing than you have any right to expect from a car that looks like this.