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NISMO makes the good sublime. Difficult to get hold of here, though.

Granted, you can’t walk into a British Nissan showroom and buy a 350Z like this one. In fact, only 20 per month are being built in Japan, and this is thought to be the only one in the UK. And, yes, it looks like a refugee from a misguided Gran Turismo 4 session. But it’s worth suffering being a chav hero - this 350Z is superb.Developed by Nissan Motorsports International (NISMO) to celebrate Nissan’s win in last year’s GT500 Touring car championship, the S-Tune GT has an uprated engine (to 298bhp), 20mm lower suspension, 19-inch wheels and yes, that bodykit, with extended bumpers front and rear to mirror the racing car. Finished in pearlescent white, it isn’t subtle.It is an astonishing car, though. The standard 350Z’s a fine car, but this takes its best elements and intensifies them. The extra power is welcome, but the rev-range remains smooth and responsive and the engine note is glorious. It steers well, offers plenty of grip and handles with precision and adjustability. An entertaining road car, the S-Tune is also a hoot on track days, although even its up-rated Brembo brakes, though fine on the road, aren’t up to prolonged track use.Want one? We do, but given it’s not officially imported here, you’d have to grey-import one or buy NISMO parts from aftermarket tuners. The second way may be more advisable - you don’t have to get the bodykit and paintwork.

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