From £226,0238

Dashboard, infotainment, sat-nav and passenger space

The cabin is as typically lavish as you'd expect, with extensive use of Frau aniline leathers. Ferrari’s steering wheel includes regular driving functions such as the indicators and headlights as well as a start button and the Manettino set-up switch.

The black sliver above the glovebox can be specced as an optional LCD display, which shows the current gear, a linear rev-counter and the speed.

An optional rear infotainment set-up also features, with a pair of headrest screens and a 1280w surround sound system.

As well as four perfectly chiseled sports seats the FF provides 450 litres of boot space – enough to put some family hatchbacks to shame. The deep seats in the rear can fold independently to increase the boot space to 800 litres.

The central section of the rear seat can also be folded down to accommodate particularly bulky items such as a large golf bag or two pairs of skis.

The FF's cabin also includes 20 litres of smaller storage compartments for the kinds of odds and ends occupants might like to keep close at hand.