This is the new Chevy SUV, which is roughly the same car underneath as the forthcoming Vauxhall Frontera

What is it?

It’s an SUV, a five- or seven-seater and, underneath, Vauxhall’s forthcoming Antara will be much the same. Comes with two engines: diesel or petrol, both four-pots.

What’s it like?

The diesel’s a 2.0-litre with 148bhp, and is reasonable, if a tad on the noisy side and lacking in pull below around 2000rpm. The petrol’s a bigger 2.4-litre unit but only has 134bhp, so it’s slower overall, but ironically feels, if anything, a shade more responsive from very low revs.

The range will start from about £16,000 when it goes on sale in the first quarter of next year, and two- and four-wheel-drive versions will be available.

We tried a 2WD petrol and dynamically it felt more responsive than the 4WD diesel we also got a steer of. But there’s little to write home about in this respect, both ride adequately, but are otherwise devoid of engagement and class.

Still, the interior’s quite well put together and designed, and it’s extremely spacious. Specify the seven-seat version and there are even two nicely sized seats in the boot; big enough for a pair of adults. It’s cheap, too: should be £1500 to £2000 cheaper, says Chevrolet, than the equivalent Hyundai Santa Fe. Which will, interestingly, also be cheaper than the equivalent Antara, so the Vauxhall had better get better dynamics and sound insulation.

Should I buy one?

I know few SUVs are really enthusiasts’ cars, but there are some out there with genuine tactile and dynamic qualities that the enthusiast can relate to. This, however, isn’t one of them. So although it does tick the boxes that Chevrolet reckoned it ought to, it doesn’t quite float our boat.

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pradipta85 10 July 2013

This is one of the most

This is one of the most coveted Chevrolet model and I am sure that Chevrolet fanatics would want to drive this model. However, no matter which model you buy always buy from a reputed dealer, for instance, when I bought my first car I bought it from bedford.

mukul 17 June 2013

This is one of the most

This is one of the most amazing models that have been launched recently it is absolutely a great pleasure to drive around. It has some great features and I am planning to buy it from our Chevy dealer Tucson.

andy_teacher 9 January 2008

Re: Chevrolet Captiva 2.0 D

Just bought the 2.0D VCDi LT 5 Seat Captiva - two points to make: (1) don't be fooled by the Chevy badge - this is a new generation of Chevrolet and bears no resembelence of former Daewoo models. This is an assured car - responsive, easy to drive, practical, spacious and reaosnably economical. Our car runs dailt along Cambridgeshire fenland roads (very lumpy and bumpy) and is a joy to drive! (2) the dealer sales and service was exceptionally good. I have since had the chance to drive and judge the sister Vauxhall Antara, and to be honest the Chevy has it on looks and feel inside. This car was better value than both the X Trail and Freelander and should not be overlooked......4000 Miles on I am still smiling as I drive it!