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Undeniably, there are several reasons why buying a Chevrolet Camaro would seem to make little practical or economic sense. Even if we ignore, for a moment, that the steering wheel is on the wrong side of the car, the 6.2-litre V8 engine – considered big now even in the Stateside lineup – is about as well suited to life in the UK as a grizzly bear. That it struggles to serve up 20mpg should not be a surprise (even if this does limit the car in a way that it does not in America) but its veritable soot-stained 329g/km CO2 adds £1030 to the Camaro’s asking price 
in first-year VED, and then a whopping road tax liability of £475 per year on top of that.

However, for potential fans of the American Way, there are some palliative points to make. Although the Camaro is not cheap to run, it is also not prohibitively expensive to buy. In fact, at £35k, there is no more affordable way to seat yourself at the wheel of a 400bhp-plus V8. It is also a modest price to pay for exclusivity – Chevrolet will not sell many Camaros (the car is available to buy from only six dealerships nationwide) and the company will not go to the trouble of importing many. The same cannot be said of a 370Z or even a Cayman.

Nic Cackett

Nic Cackett

Road tester
Its 329g/km CO2 emissions add £1030 to the Camaro's asking price

Even carrying a £5k price premium, the Camaro cabriolet looks good value at a whisker over £40,000. Though perhaps not direct rivals, it should be noted that Mercedes asks £57,095 for a four-seat, V8 cabriolet in the form of the E500.

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