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Chevy has done a great job keeping the looks and solid ride of the coupé with this drop-top

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Chevrolet Camaro muscle car

It’s now on sale officially in the UK, so would you want to buy one?

10 February 2011

What is it?

Sometimes you have to just go with the flow. Chevrolet originally hoped to bring the soft-top Camaro to market more than a year ago, but the project was delayed by the maker’s massive financial problems – and the failure of a key supplier. That, it turns out, was good news.

Last year, for the first time in a quarter of a century, Chevrolet’s ‘pony car’ beat its Ford Mustang arch-rival in the sales sweepstakes, so the Camaro Convertible arrives in the US this spring just in time to keep the momentum going.

What's it like?

Chevrolet engineers went into the project knowing that they were not only on a tight budget but also had to maintain both the striking looks of the retro-styled Camaro coupé and its solid body structure. There was no room for the soft ‘boulevard ride’ of previous Camaro rag-tops, said chief engineer Al Oppenheiser.

The Z-fold canvas top lives up to expectations. It’s taut, unlike the hungry horse look of many convertibles, where the fabric sags between ribs. The only drawback is that installing the tonneau cover, standard on top-line V6 and V8 versions, can try the patience of a saint – and it is likely to spend most of its time in the boot.

The top itself is a joy, taking just 20 seconds to operate in either direction, plus a quick twist of the single lock-down handle. With the roof up, the car is surprisingly well insulated and quiet.

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The careful use of braces, supports and a hydroformed tube result in an impressively stiff body that readily blasted through the roughest mountain roads that we could find outside San Diego, California.

Only under a quirky and rare situation, where a rough road surface and just the right speed resonated with the body, did we experience a brief bit of shake from the steering column.

The 420bhp LS3 6.2-litre V8 barely notices the extra 114kg, taking the car from zero to 60mph in 4.9sec. Even the 308bhp 3.6-litre V6 model loses just 0.2sec, at 6.2sec to 60mph.

Should I buy one?

Chevrolet scored big with the reborn Camaro coupé, and if our first drive is any indication, the convertible will only build on the pony car’s already huge reputation.

Paul Eisenstein

Chevrolet Camaro SS Cabriolet

Price: £35,000 (est); Top speed: 155mph; 0-62mph: 4.9sec; Economy: 24mpg; CO2: na; Kerb weight: 1870kg; Engine: V8, 6162cc, petrol; Power 420bhp at 5900rpm; Torque: 420lb ft at 4600rpm; Gearbox: 6-spd manual


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16 February 2011

Is that a manual shift I see pictured!

In this day of electric, eco, automatically shifted do goodery, I find it fantastic that Chevrolet still produce cars like this.

It also show that, backs against the wall, there is some real talent still in GM who can produce desirable capable cars.



It's all about the twisties........

12 January 2013

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21 February 2013

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16 February 2011

I love these, there's a coupe near me and its just got amazing presence on our roads.....and some noise

31 May 2013

there is a new model out there. but this one is still awesome...

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17 February 2011

I think these are fantastic. A breath of Fresh air against alot of the blandness and eco focussed vehicles that seem to be so common at the moment.

If I ever find myself with some spare cash for a sports car, I would have one without hesitation. I also love the challenger, but the fact that this will be officially availible with warranty + parts availibility in the UK is a deal swinger.

17 February 2011

Did you write Sports Car? The interior is as smart as a plastic carrier bag, and the car is so wide it can hardly be classified as a "Sports Car". I'm sure it sounds good, but show it a few bends and put up against a European Sports Car & it would be left for dead....

17 February 2011

The ponycar wars swing back and forth but at the moment the Mustang routinely spanks the Camaro in comparison tests, both V6 and V8 (a lot to do with weight). The Challenger is a clear third, so Mopar fans will have to wait for a platform share with a Maserati (yikes!)

17 February 2011

[quote Mr£4worth]show it a few bends and put up against a European Sports Car & it would be left for dead....[/quote] I would strongly disagree Mr£4worth. There are some very good cars built on the other side of the pond, but I'm certain you've never driven one. As an example, please tell me what European Sports Car outperforms a Corvette for the same amount of money? Even crazier, how about the new Mustang GT is a better performer than a BMW M3? You might find this of interest. I bet the Camaro would give many fine "European Sports Cars" a run for their money, and have more style at the same time.

17 February 2011

[quote 275not599]The ponycar wars swing back and forth but at the moment the Mustang routinely spanks the Camaro in comparison tests, both V6 and V8 (a lot to do with weight). [/quote]

The new V6 and V8 are having rave reviews for the Mustang, but the previous generation engines really weren't up to much (a 4 litre v6 struggling to crack 50bhp per litre, low rev lines etc).

It seems to really depend on the reviewer - the Mustang is much cheaper, the new engines are corkers, but it has a live rear axle compared to multi-link on the Camero. The "discerning" tester seems to value the lack of movement at the back end from a proper suspension set up!

Personally - I'd have a Camero. Surprisingly! Challenger very, very distant and while a Mustang would be fun + affordable I don't think I could live with a live rear axle and a really, really poor interior (the Camero may look cheap, but it's better than the Mustang).


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