BMW may not have created the executive SUV, but it has defined how well these cars can be made to perform on the road.

Even now, years after its launch, the X5 shows that the company still knows how. The X5 may be getting a little long in the tooth, but this is a car that goes down the road in a more rewarding way than any SUV this side of a Porsche Cayenne.

A Range Rover Sport will eclipse the BMW X5 in terms of off-road capability

And the rest of it? The X5’s comfort levels are beyond serious question, it feels soundly built and it accommodates five well, while running costs aren’t too profligate, provided you avoid the petrol-engined models.

There are other SUVs that do things better; a Range Rover Sport will go further off road, a Porsche Cayenne handles with more pizazz and an Audi Q7 will seat seven far more easily.

But no rival is quite able to combine the blend of abilities that best suit how these cars are used like the X5 does.