It’s not difficult to imagine that the 8 Series has turned out exactly how BMW intended. You might question whether that particular fusion of sporting and luxurious characteristics will strike an alluring chord with GT buyers across the board – but it should certainly go down well with BMW customers.

Even in entry-level form, this GT wants little for presence and dynamic competence. The car’s touring manners leave just a little to be desired – and this is especially keenly felt when the turbodiesel engine under the long bonnet is such an ideal companion for long-distance cruising. But there is commendable driver appeal on offer too and, in exchange for that slightly over-communicative ride, many GT drivers will accept it gratefully.

A likeable big GT, albeit not the most luxurious or rewarding on sale

If the chassis toes the sporting corporate line of its maker, the same can be said for the car’s pricing. A £75k entry price looks plenty next to some German rivals but is competitive among other full-size GTs. Given the 840d also fulfils its brief as a technological showcase and catwalk object, and remains as usable as most true coupés, it deserves to do well.